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Odoo 16 was released in October 2022, and was introduced along with a change in Enterprise licensing prices, making it more affordable for micro or small businesses.

What does this new version bring, and is it really as powerful as it seems?


Sin duda la velocidad es una de sus grandes bazas, pues basta con empezar a usarlo para ver que es ¡mucho más rápido! ¡Odoo 16 vuela, entre 3 y 5 veces más rápido que Odoo 15!  

This is due to the change from the OWL version used in Odoo 14 to OWL 2. 2 years ago Odoo completely redesigned its web client and now switches to using the Ferrari of the virtual JS DOM: Blockdom

Blockdom en la 2ª columna

What will we value: performance or new features? As no other version of Odoo can beat it in terms of performance... let's value those new features!


This is a summary of the most important ones:

  • dark mode, edit and save automatically,
  • news dashboards,
  • chatter enhanced with web links,
  • new app of Knowledge, to manage company information, based on Wikipedia: it's collaborative and customisable with headers and covers,

  • website: backend and frontend of the website are unified, grid-based element adjustment, improved mobile mode preview, new onHover animations,

  • purchase history button on purchase orders,
  • improvements in the Accounting application, considerably faster and more efficient, with the customer credit limit function included and improvements in the reconciliation widget, cash discounts on sales and purchases, new analytical widget,​
  • e-commerce: online renting and improvements in coupons and promotions, internal analytics system to avoid Google Analytics,

  • manufacturing: improvements in the bill of materials, work order dependencies, production orders can be joined or separated,
  • subscriptions: subscription orders are now based on the Sales Order object.​

Although we have only reviewed the most interesting ones, which may not coincide with yours, here is a link to all the new features, ALL-OF-THEM:

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